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Shelving files

Shelve files to store them on the Surround SCM Server without adding or checking them in. You can only shelve files that are modified from the current server version or missing from the server.

Note: If you want to shelve files that are not under source control, shelve them from the Shelves window. See Adding files to existing shelves.

1. Select the files or repositories to shelve and choose Activities > Shelve Files.

The Shelve Files dialog box opens.

2. Select a Shelf to store the files in. The list includes shelves you own and shelves shared with you by other users.

Select <New shelf> to create a shelf. See Creating shelves.

3. Expand the Local file options to select options for handling local files.

4. Select View Shelves window after shelving files to open the Shelves window after files are shelved.

5. Select Recursive to shelve all new and modified files in the selected repository and all subrepositories. This option is available only if you are shelving from a repository.

6. Click OK.

The files are shelved.

Note: After a file is shelved, only other files from the same branch can be added to the shelf. However, you can unshelve files across branches. For example, you may add new files to a shared shelf from the working directory for a workspace branch. Other users can unshelve those files to the working directory associated with their workspace branch or a baseline branch on the same mainline branch. See Unshelving files.


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