Addressing code review comments

Review comments can help you determine what changes are needed in files. After making the changes, you can mark the comments as addressed to keep track of comments that still need attention.

Note: You can address comments you add to a review. You must be the review author to address comments added by other users.

1. Open the code review. See Opening code reviews.

2. Double-click the reviewed file.

The file opens in a new tab in the Code Review window. Review comments are displayed on the Comments tab.

3. To display only unaddressed comments, clear Show addressed comments.

4. Review the comments and make the requested changes.

Note: The content that a comment applies to may move to a different line as the file is updated. To view the content a comment applies to in the version it was originally added to, right-click the Comment icon or the Multiple Comments icon next to the line number and choose Show Version. The available options depend on the view you are using (e.g., side by side or top over bottom) and the version currently displayed.

5. Add the updated file to the code review. See Adding files to code reviews.

6. Repeat steps 1 and 2.

7. Select the comment you addressed and click Mark Addressed or click Address All to address all comments.

Note: If you address the wrong comment, you can change it back to unaddressed. Double-click the comment, clear Comment addressed, and click OK.