Attaching source files to external issues

You can attach source files to issues in the issue tracking tool you have integrated with Surround SCM. The file information is attached to the issue, making it easy to work with the file from Surround SCM or the issue tracking tool.

You can attach source files to issues from the source file list and when you add files, check in files, promote or rebase files and branches, or view file history. You can also attach changelists and files in changelists to issues.

1. To attach files or repositories, select them in the Source Tree window and choose Activities > Attach to Issue Tracking Tool.

To select the files to attach by label, choose Tools > Labels, select the label, and click Attach. Ctrl+click the files to attach in the Select Files to Attach dialog box and click Attach.

To attach changelists or files in a changelist, select them in the Changelists dialog box and click Attach.

The Issue Browser dialog box opens.

2. Select the Connection for the project to connect to.

The items list is populated with issues from the project. Select a filter from the Filtered By list to display specific items.

3. Select the issues to attach the files to. To select multiple issues, Ctrl+click each one.

Click View Details to view the issue details. See Viewing external issues.

4. Click Attach to attach the files to the selected issues.

The Attach to Issue dialog box opens. Items you selected are displayed in the Pending Attachments list.

5. Select an issue and click a button to perform an action.

Button Use to: More information
Add Add other issues to the Pending Attachments list.  
Remove Remove the selected issue from the Pending Attachments list.  
View View details about the selected issue. Viewing external issues
Fix Mark the selected issue as fixed. Fixing external issues

6. Click OK to attach the files to the selected issues.

The files are attached.