Configuring labels

You can add new labels, manage existing labels, and work with labeled files from the Labels dialog box.

1. Select the mainline branch to configure labels for.

2. Choose Tools > Labels.

The Labels dialog box opens.

Note: Legacy labels created in Surround SCM 2008 or earlier are not displayed if they have not been upgraded. See Upgrading legacy labels.

3. Select a Filter labels by option.

4. Select any label display options.

5. Click Add to create a label. See Creating labels.

6. Select a label and click the button for the action to perform.

Button Use to: More information
View View the label details. Viewing labels
Edit Edit the label to rename it, change the branches it is available in, or remove it from files. Editing labels
Delete Delete the label. Deleting labels
Duplicate Duplicate the label. Duplicating labels
Differences Compare two labels to determine the missing, different, or identical files between the labels. Viewing label differences
Attach Attach labeled files to an item in Helix ALM or an external issue tracking tool. Attaching source files to Helix ALM items or Attaching source files to external issues
Add to Code Review Add labeled files to a code review. Adding files to code reviews
Toggle Hidden Hide or unhide the label. Hiding labels

7. Click Close when you finish.