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Adding folder types

Add a folder type when you want to differentiate the appearance and data displayed for a group of folders. Users can select a folder type when creating folders or change the type of an existing folder. See Adding folders.

TestTrack includes the following default folder types.

Folder type Use to: Panes enabled on the Folders list window
Folder Organize and group related items. --
Product Organize the activities and items related to a product. Details, Web View
Release Plan and track a release. Details, Web View, Release Planning
Iteration Plan and track an iteration. Details, Web View, Release Planning
Backlog Organize and prioritize backlog items. Details, Web View

Note: A project must include at least one folder type.

1. Choose Tools > Administration > Folder Types.

The Configure Folder Types dialog box opens.

2. Click Add.

The Add Folder Type dialog box opens.

3. Enter a Name and Description.

4. Select any Banner Options to change the appearance of folders in the Folders list window and other windows.

Note: Icons are available in the workflowicons directory in the default TestTrack application directory. You can also use custom icons. Custom icons must be 16x16, 24x24, or 32x32 pixels in BMP, GIF, or PNG format. The pixel at 0,0 in the image is used for the transparency color.

5. Select any Folder Options to specify the panes to display when this folder type is open in the Folders list window. See Using the Folders list window.

6. Click OK to save the folder type.


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