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Adding items to folders

You can add items to folders to keep items organized. For example, a team lead may add issues for a product component to a public folder so she and other team members can quickly access all issues for the component.

Tip: You can also drag items from the Issues, Requirements, Requirement Documents, Test Cases, or Test Runs list window to the Folders list window or create new items and add them directly to folders from the Folders list window. Administrators can configure automation rules to automatically add items to folders. See Configuring automation rules.

1. Click the Folders tab when you are viewing or editing an item and click Add to Folder.

You can also choose Activities > Add to Folder when an item is open or selected in the list window.

The Browse for Folder dialog box opens.

2. Select the folder to add the item to. You cannot add items directly to the Public or Private folders. These folders only contain child folders.

3. Click OK to save the changes.

The item is added to the folder and the folder path is displayed.


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