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Importing and Exporting Data

You can export and import TestTrack data in XML or text format to move or share data between TestTrack projects and to share it with third-party tools. For example, you may want to export data to use in Microsoft Excel or a reporting tool. See Exporting to XML and Exporting to text files.

You can also export TestTrack items to Microsoft Word if you need to produce documents that contain data in a specific format, or to view or share data offline. See Exporting items to Microsoft Word.

Choosing between XML and text import and export

XML format is the recommended method for importing and exporting data between TestTrack projects and for use in other tools. You do not need to match project fields and data fields when using XML. You can also import and export:

If you want to use text, you can import and export items to comma- and tab-delimited files.

Note: Limit XML and text import and export access to administrative security groups. Misusing this feature can result in a significant number of unwanted items in your project. Importing and exporting does not enforce other command- or field-level security options. For example, if users have access to export, they can access security group information even if they do not have access to view security groups. Most users do not need access to import and export.