Getting files

Get files when you want to view a file but do not need to make any changes. A read-only copy of the file is created in the specified directory.

After you get a file, the local copy does not stay in sync with the file in Surround SCM. For example, if you get a copy of a file on Monday and another developer changes it on Wednesday, the server copy and local copy are out of sync. You have to get the file again for updates.

1. Select the files or repository and choose Activities > Get.

The Get Files dialog box opens.

2. Select the Location to retrieve the files to.

The working directory is the default location. Click Browse to select a different directory.

3. Select Recursive to include all child repositories.

Files in the selected repository and any child repositories are copied to the working directory.

4. Expand and select any additional check out options.

5. Click OK to get the files.

The files are copied to the specified directory.

Tip: If the local directory does not exist, you are prompted to create it. See Creating local directories.