Labeling files

You can apply labels to files to group them with related versions in a branch. For example, you can label a set of files that are all affected by the same issue fix.

You can label the current file version on the Surround SCM Server or the version in your working directory. A label can only be applied to one version of a file.

Note: You can also label files in committed changelists, in file history, and when you add, check in, or promote files.

1. Select the files or repository and choose Activities > Advanced > Add Label.

The Add to Label dialog box opens.

2. Select a Label.

Select <New Label> to create a label. See Creating labels. Click Select to view label details or search for a label. See Selecting labels.

3. Enter any Comments, such as the purpose of the label.

4. Select the File Version to apply the label to.

5. Select Update label with selected version to remove the label from earlier file versions.

6. If you are labeling a repository, select Recursive to apply the label to the selected repository and all child repositories.

7. Click OK.

The label is applied to the files.