Tracking duplicated changes

You can view which branches contain changes associated with changelists, issues, labels, or selected files to track where the changes were duplicated. For example, you may want to make sure all the changes you made to the labeled files in your workspace branch are duplicated to the mainline branch. Files that include changes list the version number where the change is included.

Note: Only file changes promoted, rebased, or duplicated in Surround SCM 2011 or later can be tracked.

1. To track changes associated with specific files, select the files and choose Tools > Track Changes.

To track changes associated with a changelist, issue, or label, choose Tools > Track Changes.

The Track Changes dialog box opens.

2. Select a Branch.

3. Select a Track changes for option. If you selected a specific file version before opening the Track Changes dialog box, <Selected files> is selected and the files are displayed.

4. Click Save As to save the results list or click Print to print it.

5. Click Close when you finish.