Changing workflow states

Depending on the workflow and your security permissions, you can manually set the workflow state on files or a repository when you complete work. You can also change a file’s workflow state in the following areas:

Note: Users must have the Change State security permission to set file states. You may not want to enable state security if you use triggers to automatically set states. State changes are displayed in the file History dialog box. See Viewing file history.

1. Select a file or repository and choose Activities > Advanced > Change State.

The Change State dialog box opens.

2. Select a New State for the file.

This list includes the current state and the states the file can move to.

Note: If you select a repository, the New State list displays all states in the workflow. If any of the files in the repository cannot move to the selected state, the state does not change for any of the files.

3. Enter any Comments about the state change.

4. Select Change state recursively to apply the state change to all files in the selected repository and all subrepositories.

5. Click OK to change the state.

Note: You may be prompted to enter an electronic signature and change reason. See Entering electronic signatures.