Viewing file history

Surround SCM stores all of the activities performed on a source file. You can view a file’s history and work with a historic version of the file.

1. Select a file and choose Activities > History.

The History dialog box opens. If you select an image file, it is displayed in the lower right corner for Add, Check In, Promote, Rebase, and Rollback events. Click the Thumbnail button to view thumbnails.

Note: You can change the columns in the History dialog box. To display a column, right-click a column and select the column to add from the menu. Click and drag the column to change its location. To hide a column, right-click a column and select the column to hide. The Version and Action columns cannot be hidden.

2. Select a Filter by user option. You can view actions performed by a specific user or all users.

The System user is used by triggers to change workflow states and custom field values.

3. Select a Filter by action option. You can view specific actions, only actions that changed the file contents, or all actions performed on the file.

4. Select Additional events to display all file workflow events, custom field values, or label events.

5. Expand the parent branch file history for Add from branch and Rebase events, or child branch file history for Promote from events.

File changes in the ancestor branch after the add, promote, or rebase are not included.

Tip: The file version changes when you check in, promote, and rebase files. Select the File contents changed filter to view files with content changes.

6. Select a file version and click a button to perform an action.

Button Action More information
View history details for the selected version Viewing file history details
View differences for the selected versions Viewing file differences
Generate a report of differences between versions Running file differences reports
Retrieve a copy of the selected version Getting files
Check out the selected version Checking out files
View the selected version Viewing files in Surround SCM
Edit the file Editing files in Surround SCM
Revert to a previous file version Rolling back files
View branches that contain changes made in the selected version Tracking duplicated changes
Review changes made in the selected version Reviewing changes between file versions
Add the selected version to a code review Adding files to code reviews
View code reviews for the selected version Viewing code reviews files are included in
Attach the selected version to an item in Helix ALM item or an external issue tracking tool Attaching source files to Helix ALM items and Attaching source files to external issues
View the Helix ALM item the selected version is attached to Viewing Helix ALM items
View the committed changelist. Only enabled if the action was performed as part of a changelist. Working with committed changelists
Set the workflow state for the file Changing workflow states
Label the selected version Labeling files
View labels applied to the selected version Viewing labels

7. Click Close when you finish.

Note: You can also view removed file history. Select a repository and choose Activities > Properties. Click the Removed Items tab. Select a file and click History.