Working with committed changelists

Surround SCM stores a list of all committed changelists for reference. You can view committed changelist details and perform actions, such as adding them to labels or code reviews, duplicating changes across branches, or rolling back actions.

To view or work with pending changelists, see Working with pending changelists.

1. Choose Tools > Changelists.

The Changelists dialog box opens.

2. Select My Committed from the Filter changelists by list. You may also be able to view other users' or all committed changelists.

The committed changelists are displayed. You can also search for changelists to further narrow the list. See Searching for committed changelists.

A Helix ALM icon is displayed next to changelists and files attached to items.

3. Select a changelist or file and click a button to perform an action.

Button Use to: More information
View Details View details about the changelist or file actions. Viewing changelist details
Get Retrieve a copy of the file or all files in the changelist. Getting files
History View the file history. Viewing file history
Differences View differences between the version of the changelist file and the version the action modified. Viewing file differences
View File View the file. Viewing files in Surround SCM
Attach Attach the file or changelist to an item in Helix ALM or an external issue tracking tool. If a changelist is selected, the Attach button is only available if at least one file has an Add, Check In, Remove, or Rename action. If files are selected, the Attach button is only available if at least one selected file has an Add or Check In action. Attaching changelists and files to Helix ALM items or Attaching source files to external issues
Add to Label Label the file or all files in the changelist. You can only label files with Add or Check In actions. Labeling files
Add to Code Review Add the changes to a code review. Adding files to code reviews
Duplicate Changes Duplicate changes to another branch. Duplicating selected changes across branches
Rollback Changes Rollback changelist actions. Rolling back changelist actions

4. Select a changelist and click Save As to save it.

You can save changelists in HTML, tab-delimited, or comma-delimited formats.

5. Select a changelist and click Print to print it.

6. Click Close when you finish.